Random Midday Hotness: Get Free.

The latest from Major Lazer.

You gon’ get that work:

Lisa Wade argues that Obama’s “cling to guns and religion” comments from ’08 are very different in character than Romney’s “47 percent” gaffe.

Jill: “The ideological attacks on AIDS scholarship are scary. If the moral arguments against circumcision can stand on their own, then they can stand on their own; there’s no need to deny the scientific truths that, for many of us, complicate the issue. And there’s certainly no need to trash an important body of work just because it doesn’t bow to your agenda.”

Pamela Geller, the anti-Muslim birther radio host based here in NYC, bought subway ads that refer to Muslims as savages. And since this is NYC, design-y activist types promptly defaced them because ART.

What would happen if everyone on the planet went to one place — say, Rhode Island — and jumped in the air and landed at the same time? “Within weeks, Rhode Island is a graveyard of billions.” ‘Cuz you were wondering.

Angus Johnston on the presumption of literacy. “I see it a few times a year, when I’m out and around. Someone on the subway or the street or in a shop will ask a question. ‘Is this 14th Street?’ ‘How much is a Big Mac?’ ‘What kinds of iced tea do you have?’ Usually, whoever’s asked will answer appropriately, but too often they’ll glance up and say “read the sign.” My sister will take a menu when she’s offered it. But she can’t read. She’ll flip through a magazine when she’s bored. But she can’t read. She has a library card. But she can’t read.”

Little-known Sesame Street facts: “Nigeria’s version of the Cookie Monster eats yams. His catchphrase: ‘ME WANT YAM!'” Don’t we all, brother.

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