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Japan one week later. Minnesota’s lawmakers want to make it illegal for poor people to receive more than $20 cash from public assistance each month. (The initial bill would have made it illegal for poor folks to receive any cash.) How do you change a school’s culture? This is your War on Drugs: An 86-year-old Read More

Over at The Root, Byron Hurt has a candid piece about how watching the fraught interaction between his parents as a kid helped plant the seeds for his adult embrace of feminism:

Feminist writings about patriarchy, racism, capitalism and structural sexism resonated with me because I had witnessed firsthand the kind of male dominance they challenged. I saw it as a child in my home and perpetuated it as an adult. Their analysis of male culture and male behavior helped me put my father’s patriarchy into a much larger social context, and also helped me understand myself better.

You’ll have to forgive me for how jumbled/discursive/TMI this is going to read, but this has agitated a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking about and was frankly saving for a much neater Mother’s Day post.

My own, very flawed feminism is also rooted in my childhood, albeit in circumstances very different from Hurt’s. His father’s presence was inescapable. Mine was imperceptible.

Bet you weren’t up on the plight of the blackstronaut and the story of The Old Negro Space Program: On Metro Detroit’s tailspin. We’d like to stay in Michigan, but we have a problem. It’s not taxes or regulations. There’s lots of talk about these issues but they have no impact on our business. We spend more Read More

It should come as no surprise that Jalen Rose was capable of getting under the skin of longtime rival Grant Hill, especially after he admitted in ESPN’s highly-rated “Fab 5” documentary that he was “a student of trash talk.” No, the surprise is that the 38-year-old Hill fell for the bait set out for him Read More

Jasika Nicole, the actress best-known for playing Astrid on Fringe, is also a very talented artist. She recently tumbld (tumblrd?) this moving, personal piece about identity and the long, harrowing road to self-acceptance, which she gave us permission to repost. (Major, major h/t to the homie Sean Campbell at Melanism.com for making this possible.)

So many good things about this video. The best thing, I think, is how Monch & Co shed light on the most important issue regarding police brutality: someone is hurt/killed by the people who are charged to protect them. That individual, immediate crime shouldn’t be forgotten, or made smaller by people who want to jump Read More

Sad news: Long Beach-born rapper Nathaniel D. Hale — Nate Dogg — died Tuesday, according to the Long Beach Press-Telegram. His family told the Press-Telegram Hale, who performed as Nate Dogg, died earlier today. He was 41, Cause of death is not known. However, Hale had suffered two strokes, one in 2007 and another in Read More

Before the weekend, The Atlantic Wire attempted to put together a roundup of the “worst reactions” to the incredible disaster unfolding in Japan. In retrospect, those reactions weren’t nearly as bad as the attempts to inject a little humor into the calamity from Gilbert Gottfried, 50 Cent and Haley Barbour’s mouthpiece. To say nothing of Read More

UCLA student posts racist rant about Asians on Youtube—–> Student receives barrage of death threats——> Scared for life, student makes apology fast and gets it published in the school newspaper—–> Pissed UCLA student organizations and Chancellor respond with vigor…but so far no ACTION has been taken to reprimand the third-year student, Alexandra Wallace. via Colorlines: Read More

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