Random Throwups.

uhhhh what? Hope this isn’t a real commercial….


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  • ACLS

    Yup, it’s real. Thailand is notorious for having insane, disturbing or offensive ads like this. Copyranter tracks them, which is where I first saw this, and this one is actually pretty nice by comparison. Here’s a more typical (read: very creepy) example.

  • MH8D

    Wow. That was incredibly offensive to me. I suppose that sort of thing flies in a mostly homogeneous society where there aren’t any black people around, but then the question becomes: where the hell do they get their ideas about black people from?

  • LJ

    Damn!!!!!!!!! That is f-ed up.

  • renee

    What did that even mean? And why does he come home to sleep on a toothbrush?? One minute lost on foolishness.

  • hcduvall

    Alas, it’s more than Thailand with this kind of stuff. There’s a popular brand of toothpaste (again! who knows why…) called Darlie in Taiwan that basically has Al Jolson in blackface on the logo.

  • R.

    Yeah, racism is a huge problem here in Thailand. What makes it worse is the fact that a lot of people are oblivious to it. They wouldn’t think twice about ads like this.

    This CNN Go article nails it, while the comments paint an even more thorough picture.

  • jazzy

    That Confederate Family commercial is not real. That was a scene from a satiric movie about what would have happened if the South won the Civil War.