Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Trumped-Up Charges.

With Donald Trump, it’s tough to know if his recent embrace of birtherism is a publicity stunt or borne from a deep pool of idiocy.

But he’s right about one thing: I have little doubt that he’s familiar with all sorts of fraud.

Dude’s not even qualified to be president of the Hair Club for [...]

White Rapper on White Privilege.

In the spirit of the ongoing conversations happening on this blog around race and music (hip-hop and the blues in particular), I bring you Seattle-based emcee Macklemore. Northwest, whattup.


Podcast #16: All Dings Considered.

Dave Duerson.

A few weeks ago, Nicole, G.D., Joel and I sat down to chat about football, how much I hate it, and whether it’s rendering too many young men disabled, depressed and handicapped at young ages. (The convo was sparked by the news that Dave Duerson, a former NFL player and players’ union [...]

The Odds Are Stacked Against Us.

In August, as the seventh season of Top Chef wound up, I wrote about how tough things were for chefs who aren’t white and male on the show. So tough that in seven seasons, only one woman and one Vietnamese-American had ever won. In the seventh season, the first African-American chef took [...]

A History Lesson for Chris Brown.

Random Midday Hotness: Loving You Is Killing Me.

Jay Smooth Remembers Nate Dogg.

(Spotted via Colorlines)

In the vid above, Ill Doctrine’s JaySmooth pays tribute to the fallen Nathaniel Hale AKA Nate Dogg– crediting the legendary hip-hop hook-man who succeeded in creating a space for soul to take root between rap verses paving the way for R&B thugs everywhere. However, Smooth’s reverence for the hip-hop’s soulman and [...]

No Look Pass.

I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary.