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James McWilliams is spouting nonsense again. In an earlier piece, McWilliams makes the argument that no matter how meat is raised, eating it is bad – essentially, we should all be vegan. Only, McWilliams dances around his veganism and never unequivocally cops to it.  Apparently, being vegan in no way makes you biased and perhaps Read More

For those who don’t embrace Second Amendment remedies, it’s really hard to argue with the fact that if more people had more guns at that Tucson grocery store Saturday, more people could have been shot. And guess which state ranks really high in firearms death rate per 100,000? You probably won’t be surprised. Not really Read More

The decision by New South, an Alabama publisher, to excise “nigger” from its editions of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn — it’s being replaced with “slave” —  has been (rightly) knocked as a heavy-handed attempt to sanitize our history. It’s probably fitting that “nigger” is at  the center of this brouhaha, since no other word Read More

Do note that Muhammad Ali is in the foreground while Nelson Mandela (in a suit jacket and tie) is playing the back. But it doesn’t matter: whoever’s on the wrong side of this posse* has got a righteous ass-whipping coming. [Via reetamac.] *Hey, ‘member Posse? Oh, you don’t? Quick: let’s trade lives.

Madison Moore at Thought Catalog offers some pro tips: Struggle with the stereotype that all black people have huge breasts, a huge ass, a huge cock, and/or huge lips. Figure out early on that non-black people only want to sleep with you because they think being black means you have something enormous to offer. Websites Read More

Michael Steele on his favorite book: Hmmm…War and Peace, you say? Because that quote is from A Tale of Two Cities. Doh!

MySpace seems close to announcing massive layoffs. This is sad for a number of reasons. But amid the discouraging news, I hope Rupert Murdoch has considered an intriguing opportunity to save the flailing social network: a new media platform for Chris Brown and Raz B to continue their online beef. Please. Get them out of Read More

Via Jamilah King at ColorLines, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi has decided to suspend the sentences of Jamie and Gladys Scott, two women who were sentenced to life in prison for an armed robbery in 1994. Their release is contingent upon Gladys Scott giving a kidney to her sick sister, which she has already said Read More

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