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Kweli‘s penchant for packing tons of syllables into a single bar used to get away from him, making him sound like he was about to lose his breath a lot of the time. He’s gotten away from that a lot, but when he does it here, it sounds more like urgency than verbosity. This was Read More

Daniel J. Flynn of the conservative magazine Human Events thinks that American racism could have been whittled away by the power of the free market. Businessmen motivated by racial solidarity rather than profits won’t stay in business. Landlords limiting tenants by race, storekeepers limiting customers by race, foremen limiting workers by race limit themselves just Read More

As far as can be surmised, this is a Tyrese Gibson original. From his Twitpic: This came to me in a DREAM it’s MALCOLM-X Baptizing TUPAC and it’s called “WHAT IF” A lot of questions ran through my mind, What if they met? What if they had joined forces to empower black people? What if?? Read More

Haiti is struggling to rebuild after last year’s catastrophic earthquake and trying to resolve its national elections, but it was thrown another curveball late this weekend: the return of its corrupt and brutal former dictator, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier. No one seems to know why he’s back — he says he’s there “for the reconstruction Read More

In what’s become something of  a yearly tradition here at PB, we’re re-running this fantastic post by Friend of the Blog Ari Kelman, a history professor in California who blogs over at Edge of The American West. Kelman looks at the sterilization of King’s image, who was never the saintly, beloved man in life that Read More

This week, Monica, Jamelle, Nicole and Joel discuss the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Tucson, Ariz., and Amy Chua’s argument for “Chinese  mothering.” Listen to the podcast here on the blog (and subscribe on iTunes). Click once to play, click again to download. (Some salty language.) PostBourgie: The Podcast – 14: A Gun in Every Black Pot. Related Links: Read More

“The Daily Show” senior black correspondent Larry Wilmore covers Jim’s absurd literary promotion from nigger to slave: Did anyone know prior to this clip that CBS aired a TV movie version of  the book in 1955 that completely eliminated Jim and slavery from the story? Consider my mind buh-lown. For sure, that’s some creative writing. Read More

Today marks the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Conservative estimates put the number of dead around 92,000 — more than three percent of Haiti’s entire population. Though luminaries like Bill Clinton have hoped that Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, could “build back better,” poor coordination and the still-unresolved Read More

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