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As a reminder: If you’re getting your information from Fox News, you probably aren’t getting any information at all. Not that CNBC – to name just another major U.S. media outlet – is doing much better covering the news out of Egypt. Alex Pareene of Salon suggests checking out Al-Jazeera, if possible. But if you’re Read More

Most people know Jasper, TX, as the town where a black man named James Byrd was tied to a pickup truck and dragged to his death by three white men in 1998. The photography of Alonzo Jordan, who was something of a local institution,  captures the quieter, happier moments of black life in the tiny Read More

If y’all recall, when CW canceled “The Game” and sparked allegations of injustice, I said it wasn’t all that big a deal, because the show had middling ratings compared to the network’s other offerings. It also received an opportunity to execute a series finale that adequately wrapped up the open plot arcs: Derwin married Melanie Read More

I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but, apparently, Rebecca Traister’s terrific book about women and the 2008 election, Big Girls Don’t Cry made a cameo in Monday’s episode. I did, however, just finish reading that great book. In it, Traister points out something that I had missed and that you probably did too. When Hillary Clinton Read More

It was only two months ago that the Democrats lost the House and President Obama was looking seriously diminished. But his approval numbers have bounced back — he goes into tonight’s State of the Union address around 50 percent in a bunch of major polls —-  presenting Republicans with some interesting dilemmas in deciding how Read More

Dee Rees‘s Pariah and Goran Olsson‘s The Black Power Mixtape deal with the Black experience in America,  but very differently — after all, we are not a monolith. The first, is about a young black lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality in the heart of Brooklyn. Movie treatment of queer issues are usually reserved Read More

A while back, Stacia expressed mild worry over Halle Berry‘s coming Frankie and Alice, in which the Oscar winner plays as a woman with multiple personalities — one of whom is a racist white lady: Let’s just say we’re really, really not looking forward to this. But then, do we ever look forward to films Read More

We everywhere: Monica appeared on Public Radio International’s “Here and Now” to talk about all those promised green jobs that just aren’t showing up. (This was the subject of her very good cover story for The American Prospect from last November.) Jamelle recently recorded a BloggingHeads with Peter Suderman of Reason magazine in which they Read More