Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: They Map. You Decide.

As a reminder: If you’re getting your information from Fox News, you probably aren’t getting any information at all.

Not that CNBC – to name just another major U.S. media outlet – is doing much better covering the news out of Egypt. Alex Pareene of Salon suggests checking out Al-Jazeera, if possible. But if [...]


Most people know Jasper, TX, as the town where a black man named James Byrd was tied to a pickup truck and dragged to his death by three white men in 1998. The photography of Alonzo Jordan, who was something of a local institution, captures the quieter, happier moments of [...]

Is “The Game” Over?

If y’all recall, when CW canceled “The Game” and sparked allegations of injustice, I said it wasn’t all that big a deal, because the show had middling ratings compared to the network’s other offerings. It also received an opportunity to execute a series finale that adequately wrapped up the open plot arcs: Derwin married [...]

Random Midday Hotness: Beatboxing the History of Hip-Hop.

Anyone wanna take a crack at naming all the songs here?

Big Girls Read Political Books.

I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but, apparently, Rebecca Traister’s terrific book about women and the 2008 election, Big Girls Don’t Cry made a cameo in Monday’s episode.

I did, however, just finish reading that great book. In it, Traister points out something that I had missed and that you probably did too. When Hillary [...]


via Muffet/Flickr/CC 2.0.P

It was only two months ago that the Democrats lost the House and President Obama was looking seriously diminished. But his approval numbers have bounced back — he goes into tonight’s State of the Union address around 50 percent in a bunch of major polls —- presenting Republicans with some interesting [...]

Black Power and Pariah at Sundance.

Dee Rees‘s Pariah and Goran Olsson‘s The Black Power Mixtape deal with the Black experience in America, but very differently — after all, we are not a monolith.

The first, is about a young black lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality in the heart of Brooklyn. Movie treatment of queer issues are usually reserved [...]

A Brief Look at Halle Berry’s Janky Blaccent.

A while back, Stacia expressed mild worry over Halle Berry‘s coming Frankie and Alice, in which the Oscar winner plays as a woman with multiple personalities — one of whom is a racist white lady:

Let’s just say we’re really, really not looking forward to this.

But then, do we ever look forward to films [...]