PostBourgie Podcast #11: Hard in the Paint.

What’s good, everybody?

On this week’s podcast, Jamelle, Monica and Nicole discuss Juan Williams‘s firing from NPR and a new viral video by Baracka Flocka Flame, before trying to make sense of hipsters. (When you listen to that last bit, you’ll hear them coming  to certain begrudging self-realizations.)

PostBourgie: The Podcast – #11: Hard in the Paint.

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Head of The State” – Baracka Flocka Flame

Being a Hipster Is  a Wonderful Thing – The Awl

What Was the Hipster? –  New York Magazine

Should Fatties Get a Room?Marie Claire

Avon Snarksdale on Bruce Wayne’s complicity in the Joker’s violenceAdam Serwer‘s response.



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  • I just want to say that while I’m not an avid comic fan or anything, I’m really intrigued by this Batman/Joker discussion. REALLY intrigued. I, too, would like the conversation to continue.