Humpday Hate: Stop Blaming Erykah!

Rember when Common was dating Erykah Badu and went completely boho batshit on everybody? When he was an electric soul flower or whatever the hell? Everybody blamed it on Erykah’s cosmic cooter. He got him a piece one night and he got up the next morning singin’ about psychic wires and [...]

How I Got Over.

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been waiting for The Roots’ How I Got Over for what seems like years. It was set to drop last year — the video for the title track/first single dropped last fall — but was finally released yesterday.

I’m a die-hard when it comes to The Roots, and [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: We Taking Over.

Hey, Negroes. We’re kinda like a big deal. At least, according to The Root.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re far too kind. Hold your applause. This is your blog, not mine.

And now for more of what you all love:

1. President Obama refuses to protect our borders, complete an electric fence [...]

Biden on Barton.


The girl punched in the face by an officer in Seattle has apologized. One of the frustrating things about how incidents like this play out is how rarely anyone in the situation apologizes, or has anything explained to them. Many people operate under misunderstandings on how policing works, and it’s pretty rare for anyone to [...]

Ron-Ron Being Ron-Ron.

Bassey Ikpi on Ron Artest‘s shout-out to his therapist after the Lakers clinched the title yesterday:

Shouldn’t this man be praised for getting the help that he obviously needed? Why is he being mocked and made the brunt of jokes? Was the shout out unexpected? Yes. But it should not be shamed. The amount [...]


I wrote a post for Ta-Nehisi earlier this week that got a lot of discussion and was even picked up by Andrew Sullivan. I’m excited about it not just because my name was all over the innanets for a day, but because it drew attention to something that people don’t talk about widely enough: [...]

Force, Cops and Women.

So, I hate police brutality as much as the next person, but over at TAPPED today I tried to lay out the scenarios in which cops can use force. The fact is they can. If someone resists arrest or become physically violent, officers can use force to get them under control and make the [...]