Friday Random Ten: Around the World Cup.

To celebrate the start of “that really big sporting event” that Shani mentioned earlier today, we at PostBourgie thought it only appropriate to show y’all that our taste in music occasionally extends beyond our own borders.

And we ain’t talking about Kardinal Offishall. Or Shaggy for that matter. We’re truly talking global, family.

Because, after all, music is the universal language:

1. Fire in Freetown by K’naan (slb)

2. Young Lover by Cocoa Tea (Shani-o)

3. Baby Stardust by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (Jamelle)

4. No es lo mismo by Alejandro Sanz (R.A.B.)

5. Carolina by Seu Jorge (slb)

6. 7Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros (Shani-o)

7. Makeda by Les Nubians (Alisa)

8. Breakfast by LeLe (Blackink) *possibly NSFW

9. Oceania by Bjork featuring Kelis (slb)

10. Rafiki by Zap Mama (Alisa)

And seriously, we can stop pretending like we enjoy soccer in a couple of weeks. Let’s all just admit the World Cup is a cool way to pass time until real football kicks off in a couple months, and an excuse to break out those extra-medium soccer jerseys we bought on our last trip out of the country.

Also, as usual, feel free to add your own contributions. All of us could probably use a little diversity in our iPods.

Until next week, enjoy the music.


Joel Anderson —blackink —  writes about sports, politics, crime, courts, and other issues far beyond his competence at BuzzFeed. He has worked at media outlets in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Atlanta and contributed to a number of publications, including The Root and The American Prospect, among many others.
  • @blackink12 *hate* on football all you want… but this is a dope assemblage of tracks here. as far as some additional world beats…here are my contributions: from brazil – sergio mendes – magdalena (, from nigeria and uk anything by keziah jones (afrosurrealism, stabilah)… additional latin beats – uproot andy’s remix of el botellon (, lastly malawi babies aren’t the only export singer – esau mwamwaya and his collab with dj radioclit (

    you’re welcome 😉

  • Paula

    C’mon, man don’t hate on the commie kickball.

    The ladies (and our gay brethren) don’t need to feign interest. Those lads are FIIIIIIIINE, running around in their little shorts. Bonus for USAmericans because although we may not win the Cup anytime soon, our team is especially rockin’ the dreamboat this year. And unlike the European stars, they are averse to flopping.

  • Momma!

    yeeeeeeeesssss! Cocoa Tea, needs to go talk to R. Kelly!

  • Momma!

    I am really feeling les Nubians…some of the other songs as well. THANX!

  • Momma!

    Hola, hola hola, oatmeal and granola!!!! WHAT??? do not let me get my red light and my fog machine…my man gon be in TROUBLE!!! dont let me put some bananas around my waist a la Josephine Baker! this the song right chere…ladies…you might want to add this to your boom boom room remix and drop that thang like its hot!

  • blackink

    Glad y’all liked the music. But I can’t vouch for what the U.S. guys look like because I can’t even pick them out from England’s team right now.

    Also, Syreeta — there’s only one kind of football that matters. And I don’t care if that makes me an ugly American.

    On another note, shout out to Cocoa Tea:

  • Momma!

    @ Syreeta…do you think you know the name of this song and/or the name of the person singing it? seems like you are into world music sooooo…. btw i am listening to the 3rd song now. i like the first…the 2nd…its okay…

  • C’mon this is real football. You know us Americans have to be different and cal another sport by the same name that honesty really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with your foot touching the ball except for kick offs and field goals. We should change the name to catchball, pig toss or body tackle, lol.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Paula

    Throwball. Handegg. hehe

    ‘Soccer’ is fine — it’s derived from association football, which is what the English used to differentiate it from rugby (back in the day also called football). But the American football game should really have called itself something else given how little the foot is actually in contact w/ the ball. Just sayin’.

  • Nice Alejandro Sanz rec!