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(Okay, some comment: have fun not sleeping tonight.)



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  • This is 50!

  • keke

    i read the little blurb that explains the weight loss and i still find myself asking…Why does he look like that? Why did he do this to himself?

    its like my brain just can’t process the fact that he did this for a movie.

    • he is an AC-TOR, giving it all to his craft!

      • I saw this last night. There are still no words for 50 going all Christian Bale-in-The Machinist on everyone. None. At. All.

  • Scipio Africanus

    Wait, so that’s *not* photoshop?

    • Val

      I heard they got this look with photoshop and/ or make-up. Just losing weight isn’t going to make one look like that.

  • Bosandi

    I thought it was DMX at first…

  • My first thought was damn crack is making a comeback.

  • I like the little blurb about Baby Back Ribs from Chili’s. Really? Mr. Jackson grew up in Queens and the best BBQ he’s craving is from Chili’s!? Hmmm…