R.I.P. Dorothy Height.

Today, much has been said about Dr. Dorothy Height’s life and legacy. I don’t have much to add, aside from saying that she was highly revered by many of my classmates at Howard University.

The WaPo has a great slideshow up now. I know some people are partial to her hats and sequins, but I’m a fan of the side-eye she’s giving in the above image of a press conference on the Bakke decision.

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  • Leigh

    I just learned of her with her passing this morning. NPR’s tribute was great. What a loss!

  • Great photo. I hadn’t seen that one before.
    There’s a documentary film being made about Dr. Height and her 1960’s project, Wednesdays In Mississippi. You might be interested in looking at their website. The film promises to be not only historically important but a great story as well. http://www.wimsfilmproject.com/

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