Friday Random Ten: Ring My Bell Curve.

If you want to know why Stephanie Grace believes colored folks are genetically predisposed to be dumber than your average white person, it’s probably because of this playlist someone found on her iPod and secretly forwarded to the PostBourgie e-mail account.

Don’t ask how we got the e-mail. Just know that we got connections.

But [...]

Quote of the Day.

HLS's Langdell Hall

BitchPhd‘s M_Leblanc, guest-posting at TAPPED, on the deficit of empathy in the legal profession:

The hyper-intellectual, logic-focused law school environment denigrates feelings. Even when the issues were deeply personal, we were supposed to regard classroom and extracurricular discourse as purely academic. This mentality goes beyond the confines of [...]

Subway’s New Sign.

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Confession: Every so often, I go to Subway. I don’t like Subway sandwiches, and don’t even really regard them as subs. They’re their own particular form of sandwich most aptly called subways. I was a sandwich artist in my hometown in high school, and I forever smelled of bread [...]

The Racist Harvard Law Student and Naming Names.


A Harvard Law student was outed after she made pseudonymous comments to her peers that she felt blacks were intellectually inferior. [...]


Last night while we were recording the next episode of the podcast (subscribe!), Joel and I got into an extended conversation about the N.B.A. Playoffs, much to the chagrin of Monica, who was in the discussion with us, and Shani who was our audio person, as it were. (As Shani is wont to say at [...]

Dogwhistling through Megaphones.

I mean, Conor Friedersdorf is right. Why are conservatives held to a different standard when it comes to issues of race? I just can’t figure out why…

But What About the Mens?:Media Edition

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Via a tweet from Matt Yglesias, we noticed something odd about the new Washington Post Post Politics authors page. Out of 27 total columnists and reporters, three are black men and three are white women. The rest are white men. And if you don’t scroll past the fold, [...]

‘Son, Do You Know Why I’m Stopping You For?’


This comment leapt out at my while reading the NYT’s scene story on Arizona’s SB 1070, the state’s draconian new immigration law.

…Ron White, 52, said he felt a sense of relief that something was finally being done about “the illegals” — whom he blames for ills like congregating [...]