Random Midday Hotness: We Can’t Never Have Nothin’!

The winners of this year’s Sprite Step-off looked a little different from the rest of the field

Life in marvelous times…

[h/t AverageBro]



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  • E

    This headline is too much, LOL. And now I will storm off. Stomp, stomp, stomp. They were good, though. Didn’t see the other teams.

  • I’m just mad they won during black history month. lol.

  • shani-o

    These ladies were really, really good!

    Their routine is pretty clearly heavily influenced by traditional AKA (and APhiA) steps/style (which makes sense, since apparently they were coached by an AKA chapter), but they totally killed it. *thumbs up*

  • We’re in ur Greek organizations stealin ur traditions.

  • Damn the winter olympics, this is the kind of competition that needs to be televised.

  • Am I the only dude around here who had no idea what the Sprite Step-Off was until yesterday?

  • Why does this bring to mind “Bring It On”, for some reason?

    They were good though. I’ll give props where they’re due. And dfreelon, you’re not alone. I didn’t know the Sprite Step0Off challenge existed until 10 minutes ago.

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t think they were that good?

    I don’t think they were bad, but I’m used to being impressed with step shows. That didn’t really impress me, I’ve been seeing those moves since 1998 (and I’m sure they’re older than that because in 1998 I was in the 8th grade learning the steps from my step team coach, who as in her late 30s).

    Kudos to them! I’m just wondering what the competition looked like if that’s what won. :-\

  • soma lux

    nothing new about it. thumbs down. and no i’m not a hater, i’m the most hated. that’s why they keep stealing our shit. and black people keep letting it happen. maybe we should kill ourselves.

    • oooo…kay.

      and no i’m not a hater, i’m the most hated

      L’il Kim is commenting on my blog.

      humbled. truly.

  • soma lux

    hahhaha thank you for that laugh.

    in all seriousness it just seems as if the minute someone white regurgitates our culture back to us it has to be praised and uplifted as some great feat. i’m getting really bored with that. i’d like to think that we are smarter than that. perhaps not.

  • Update – Scoring discrepancy changes results of Sprite Step Off


    Now this I have a huge problem with.

  • Ron

    Maybe it was done to quell the rancor and Coca-Cola’s execs figured that an extra $50k payout was worth ensuring that people didn’t question the integrity of the event. I doubt this will make it go away though.

  • @ G.D.

    I am not a hacist! *GOP politician voice.*