RIP, Lucille Clifton.

I came home from a day of motherhood prep to find that one of my literary foremothers has passed away. Frequent visitors to this blog may know how connected I feel to Lucille Clifton. I loved her. And it feels like one of my own relatives has left this realm. I hope her spirit is at rest and peace.

Keep her legacy alive. Listen to her voice.


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  • Steve

    Blessing the boats was my freshman year reading book.

  • AD

    I saw Lucille Clifton speak at University of Maryland (UMD) several years ago and I studied her in poetry class in college. At UMD she talked about how we needed to rethink the ‘classics’ and reconsider which authors were considered to be the essential writers to study. She was humorous, insightful, intelligent, and witty.

    I will remember her as a great feminist and anti-racist poet. ‘Miss Lucy’ is a poem I can recite from heart, and I have always wanted to be as powerful a writer as Lucille Clifton. She will be greatly missed.

  • God, this makes me so sad. I’ve been revisiting her poems today and I just feel this overwhelming sense of loss.

  • Sidney Clifton

    Thank you for this loving tribute. The pain is excrutiating for my siblings and me. Thank you most humbly,

    Sidney Clifton (daughter)