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Did you miss us? Of course you did. PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 3: “Civics Class is a Year-Long ‘America, F#@K YEAH!’” Monica, blackink, Jamelle and I discuss Obama’s interminable bipartisan healthcare summit, the race-based fearmongering from anti-choicers, and the David Paterson bombshell (note, we recorded this before he dropped out of the governor’s race). Apologies Read More

Meet Alabama’s Kim Malone, your sister in law.  Not your sister-in-law, but your sister in law.  Kinda like when that one lady at church calls you her sister in Christ.  Make sense?  Awesome. She’s here to give you straight legal talk when you need it most.  See that slight “I will bust yo’ ass” squint Read More

It’s possible to do bad all by yourself, true. But things can really turn ugly when two or more people are involved. Of course, this thought occurred to me as I watched news coverage of the – allegedly – bipartisan health care reform summit yesterday. Well, to hell with bipartisanship. Sometimes, teamwork can screw things Read More

At the risk of belaboring the point on just how ridiculous our current teacher tenure policies are and the role the teacher’s unions play in keeping them that way, it should be pointed out that in New York City, which has a school system that employs 80,000 tenured teachers, almost never finds any of them Read More

ESPN recently aired a piece on Myron Rolle, the standout defensive back for Florida State who would have been a likely first-rounder in the NFL draft, but who put it off for a year after he was awarded a Rhodes scholarship. After the segment aired, ESPN cited some experts who said that Rolle’s time at Read More

E.D. Kain on Tea Partiers and rural whites: But I wonder, have rural whites (i.e. angry rednecks) really been in power for decades? And what do we mean by “in power” anyways? Is it possible that people in general have simply been more in control over their own destinies in the past, making most of Read More

I’ve a piece up at The American Prospect exploring how anti-choicers use fear of the “abortion industry,” genocide, and race-based coercion to … coerce black women into not having abortions: In Atlanta, Georgia, a billboard campaign that started this month proclaims that “black children are an endangered species.” On the campaign’s Web site, TooManyAborted.com, the Read More

A lot of people were disappointed by the NYT‘s anticlimactic story on David Paterson that followed lots of speculation about a bombshell the paper was working on. (Many said the story would force Paterson to resign.)  The story that ran focused on the checkered past of a close aide, David Johnson, who was arrested on Read More

Every conversation I’ve overheard/overseen, either on or offline, about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (set to hit theatres March 5th) always ends up with a statement about how dark and gloomy and creepy he made it.  Why did he have to do that?  What’s his problem?  Why can’t he just leave the classics alone?  I Read More

Normally, I’d spend much, much more time on this than I’ll spend today (… and than is actually necessary, ever), but because I didn’t pay very close attention to Lost last night and because I don’t have time to rewatch it, I’ll leave unpacking this week’s hidden and obvious revelations to you.