PostBourgie Podcast #2: Addicted To Bourgie

We’re back and at it again. PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 2: “Addicted to Bourgie.”

G.D., blackink, and I are joined by special guests, writer and photographer Syreeta McFadden, and Latoya Peterson from Racialicious and Jezebel. We chop it up about Obama’s first State of The Union address, Chris Matthews’ response to the address, and [...]

Posted With Minimal Comment

In the midst of a lengthy Facebook debate about the State of the Union address, one of my old high school classmates encouraged me to share the following video with my friends.

Actually, he said, “This is something every black american needs to know.”

We’ll see about that:

I don’t know about you, but [...]

President Obama Goes Hard on House Republicans, Liberals Rejoice.

I only caught the last fifteen minutes or so of President Obama’s Q&A with House Republicans, but I think I can safely conclude two things.

First, this is a masterful performance. Not only did Obama show a lot of confidence in his command of his proposals, but he also showed a surprising [...]

Friday Random Ten: We Like The Crotch on You.

The idea for this week’s Random Ten started out as a follow-up to last night’s Twitter meme of #bestsexsongs, which could mean a lot of things, but mostly turned out to be a list of generic Quiet Storm-style suggestions.

But as the recommendations kept rolling throughout the night, and even into this afternoon, one thing [...]

Re: This Will Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You.

Like many black people, I grew up grinning at punchlines from black comedians about how creatively they beat their kids. I also grew up with a mom who, like many black moms, kept a mean set of belts hanging on the wall beside her bedroom closet.

I basically understand Alisa’s point here:

In urban environments [...]

They Got Money For Wars/But Can’t Feed the Poor.

If you want to understand the anger at Obama’s proposed freeze on discretionary spending, just take a look at how the 2009 federal budget shook out:

Glenn Greenwald:

The facts about America’s bloated, excessive, always-increasing military spending are now well-known. The U.S. spends almost as much on military spending as the entire rest [...]

Please Show, Don’t Tell.

As much as I like President Obama, my initial response to last night’s State of the Union was fairly tepid, if not a little hostile, “Show me some progress and then, maybe then, I’ll be a bit less cynical and a bit more hopeful.”

I stand by that.

This isn’t a new [...]

Revisiting the Canon: Idlewild.

Last Saturday, TVOne aired Idlewild (as I’m sure they do pretty often) and I decided that, three years after my first DVD viewing, it might be time to give Outkast’s initially disappointing musical another try. So I buckled in for the two-and-a-half-hour screening (complete with edits and commercials) and now, [...]