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  • AlaninMD

    To know Memphis is to know why this scurge of a commercial is allowed. I am from there, and this is not the worst of the commercials that play in Memphis. I am not shocked by this commercial, and I always see something that makes me go WTF whenever I go home. Thanks for posting.

    • Brokey McPoverty

      i was really surprised to see this commercial come on in kentucky, and even more surprised at all the OTHER mo money taxes commercials on youtube. like… 0_o

      i was certain that these havent made their way to the east coast yet so i was like, let me share this with the internets PRONTO

  • FilthyGrandeur


    • G.D.

      that is the appropriate response, btw.

  • Greg L

    The real tragedy is that many folks balance their financial situation on the tax refund and will line up in droves to get a high priced rapid refund. If commercials like this didn’t work, they’d never be run. The fact is that we have a certain segment of the population that this works for.

    Greg L

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