Random Midday Hotness: Dred Scott.

I don’t know what happened to this cat. He put out one criminally slept-on album in ’94, and then disappeared. I think this was the lead single, and he also did the album’s production. I used to bang this all the time, but no one i knew was checking for him.



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  • Grump

    He also did Adrianna Evans’ 1st album.

  • Scipio Africanus

    He gets eternal props for scooping up Adrianna Evans on the marriage tip, too.

  • This has to be one of the only times a rapper has ever admitted he was wack in a rhyme. Funny how such candor can be so scarce in a genre celebrated for its “realness.”

    • yeah. i think that’s part of why i liked him.

    • Good point dfreelon…what I find absurd are those tracks that feature twenty “alpha males” all hollering about how ain’t nobody as big, bad, rich, or “name your superlative” than they are while they ironically take turns laying down their respective verses. Quite polite.

      Nice cut by the way. I would love to go “back in th day” for a spell.

  • G

    I was checkin’ for him. Real hot album. As well as the Adriana Evans album. She did some vocals for him on Check the Vibe so I bought her joint too. Really blissful ’90s R&B with just a touch of jazz and hip-hop influence. Bumped those albums a lot.

    • i think i wore “Check the Vibe” out…i loved that song.

  • MA

    Yo, me and Dredd are good friends. In fact, he mentioned me in his rap “Back in the Day”. My name was Big Mo, Back in the Day. He is one of the most slept on rappers and producers. He was so musical and abstract and waaaay ahead of his time. I haven’t seem him in years, but I know John and I know he will have the last say. Keep your eyes open, trust me!