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…except to say, I think this makes me like Michael Steele a little bit.

Actually no. I will post the comment of a colleague, who says:

I’ve decided that the interns are actually mocking him in the photos and he doesn’t realize it. So I feel sad for him. Then mad at him.


(Via TPM, there’s more where this came from.)

UPDATE: SEK does some math.

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  • anonygrl

    I could only get through 3…so cringe inducing.

  • blackink12

    I really want to know more about that brother who’s interning there. He’d make a great interview when this internship is up.

    As for Steele, I mean, he’s just THAT guy. Lots of people have an uncle JUST like him. I’m sure he’s fun to hang out with. But yeah, I feel sorry for him.

  • On some days I hope that this whole Michael Steele thing is some sort of elaborate performance art.

  • Thanks for posting. Performance art indeed. That would make a whole lot more sense than Steele’s schtick, which always seems like the most awkward blend of desperation and tone-deafness. But I think he honestly believes in what he’s doing. Ok so a picture is worth a 1000 words and all, but I find his words at least as freakish and offensive as these pictures:

    –“GOP needs a hip-hop makeover”
    –“We want to convey that the modern-day GOP looks like the conservative party that stands on principles. But we want to apply them to urban-suburban hip-hop settings.”
    — the stimulus is just “bling-bling”
    — Giving a shout-out: “some slum love out to my buddy, gov. Bobby Jindal is doing a friggin’ awesome job in his state.” (He was goaded into that one.)
    –Asked about the GOP’s plan for diverse populations Steele ‘jokes’: “Y’all come.” “I got the fried chicken and the potato salad.”

    For realz :)

  • SEK

    I can’t seem to trackback, but I wanted to note that I did make it through the whole sad display and noticed something, shall we say, interesting.

    • shani-o


  • Val

    On the bright side; Michael Steele is never going to be President after his performance as GOP head honcho.

  • IC

    My question is, why is his mouth open in all of them? (Well maybe not all, I only got up to #9 before my soul began to curdle.)

  • SaxFan

    He couldn’t even get elected to the Senate for the State of Maryland. THANK you Marylanders. Steele is suprising to those that did not know who he was or what he stood for…….which is nothing. Having him as a Lt. Governor for 4 years was quite enough.

  • LaJane Galt


    #5 looks like a Spring Break refugee from the FL Panhandle

  • I suspect it was the photographer who was making fun of everyone involved. “Hey, I’ve got a GREAT idea for a pose!” Secret liberal infiltration; you know those creative types.