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One of the most frustrating things about intra-race conversations around interracial dating, and particularly dating between black men and white women, is that there is this pervasive belief that it is impossible to both be a “proud” black person and date “outside the race.”  Or put another way, black people with non-black partners are often accused of betraying Read More

With regards to the Christmas pants bomber (not to be confused with this guy), Josh Marshall writes: The Times has run-down of what is known so far about Umar Farouk Abdulmtallab. Most you likely already know. Son of a wealthy, Nigerian banker who’d studied engineering in London. His turn toward intense involvement with Islam, if not yet Read More

Shamefully enough, I had no clue who Percy Sutton was or why he was important until I stumbled across his obituary on page 3A of my local newspaper. And though I’m usually wary of venturing into hyperbole, the Rev. Al Sharpton is not too far off in summing up the incredibly interesting and distinctive life Read More

Sara Libby calls Crash the worst movie of the aughts. It’s been called a “feel-good” racism movie – one that leads people to believe they’re on the right side of racism, when in fact they’re just having their buttons pushed and their preconceived notions re-affirmed. In the film, the characters exist in what former L.A. Read More

TMZ has supposedly unearthed an image from the mid-1950s of then-Senator John F. Kennedy lounging on a boat with at least four naked ladies. Baller. And if you look closely, you can see Bun B and Gloria Velez in the picture: Possibly related and almost certainly NSFW. In the meanwhile, you all should applaud G.D. Read More

Instead of letting Lindsey Graham prattle on and on about the “sleazy” deals that were made to provide affordable health care for tens of millions of people or very seriously complain about how the legislative process is a “joke,” I would much rather someone ask the good Senator from South Carolina what he meant by Read More

Happy Merries! Since we strive for religious and cultural understanding in our cozy little corner of the Internet, how about we dig the aluminum pole out of the crawl space? Before I get into all the reasons you all have disappointed us this past year, let’s please dig into this grab bag of randomness: 1. Read More