Kick Your Shoes Off…

…and stay a while.

Welcome to the ‘new’ PostBourgie. The new design has been up for a couple of days, but I thought we’d welcome you all formally to our new digs. On the front end, things are bright white, and on the backend we’ve moved to a new host. That’s right, y’all, we’re official.

G.D. and I spent many hours tinkering with things, and we’d like to thank our co-bloggers for their helpful yeas and nays. And of course, many thanks to the lovely and talented Taytana Fazlalizadeh for the banner which we get to feature even more prominently. (Do go check out Taty’s work. I bet she’ll even trade you some of it for money!)

And finally, I’d like to welcome our new readers (and wave hi to the regulars). Feel free to settle in, read, talk to us, and to each other.

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  • leonor

    looks great!

  • I’m a relatively new reader, and I like the new decor!

  • I like the layout, though it disoriented the hell out of me the first time I saw it. A problem I’m having–and I’m open to the possibility that it’s just me and my tech-averse life–but it’s a bit too wide for my monitor. I have to scroll back and forth to see the whole width. Not a big deal, but kind of weird.

    • lemme see what i can do.

  • storm

    Like Jason B. said — the new look had me disoriented for a minute. And the white background really throw me off. The old black background was unique and attractive to the eye.

    Change is good, I guess.

  • aisha

    It’s much easier to read on my phone.

  • *waving way after-the-fact*

    been reading regularly for awhile, but “regularly” for me is less often now that work takes up eleven of my fourteen waking hours a day…

    the new place looks spifferific!