Friday Random Ten.


From the creative, dynamic and thoroughly Roots-addled mind (at least this week) of Shani-o, we’re celebrating Black Thought Appreciation Week here at PostBourgie. It all started with this hot fire of a cypher including Mos Def and Eminem that G.D. posted in this spot last week.

But really, does there  need to be an explanation for why we’re showing Thought some love?

Here’s the link to our Twitter feed commemorating the occasion.

Now. I shall. Proceed …

1. Water (Shani-o)

2. Quills (Blackink)

3. No Alibi (Shani-o)

4. Stay Cool (Blackink)

5. Thought @ Work (Shani-o)


6. Web (Shani-o)

7. Livin’ in a New World (Blackink)

8. 75 Bars (Shani-o)

9. Reality TV (Blackink)

10. Silent Treatment (this was a suggestion from Mr. Adam Serwer. A damn good one at that)

And if we missed anything, I’m sure G.D. will be around a little later in the comments to chin-check us.

As always, hope you all have a great weekend.


Joel Anderson —blackink —  writes about sports, politics, crime, courts, and other issues far beyond his competence at BuzzFeed. He has worked at media outlets in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Atlanta and contributed to a number of publications, including The Root and The American Prospect, among many others.
  • Hopefully, the next time ya’ll have this discussion on my third favorite MC of all time I can partake in it. Good post.

  • distance88

    A great list, no doubt. I’d like to see “Meiso” (w/DJ Krush) included, tho.
    “I am, in fact, lacking confusion
    as to what’s real and what’s illusion.”