Changing the Criteria for Teacher Tenure.

I’m a big fan of raising teacher pay to a level that is competitive with other professions; I think you’d get a much wider pool of applicants than you currently get and give the profession an injection of much-needed cache. But that idea is understandably unpalatable given the current way teacher tenure currently works: Here [...]

Book of the Month: The Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurman.

Emma Lou Brown is a dark-skinned black girl in the 1920s. born to a family reaching for status and desperate to avoid any semblance of blackness. For Emma, it’s a daily reminder of why everything in her life is wrong. Written in 1929, The Blacker the Berry is a fierce defense of [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: The One Where We Don’t Talk About Tiger Woods.

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m here to take care of you all this week, since Blackink is on his way down to Louisiana. And speaking of Louisiana, here’s James Perry, NOLA mayoral candidate, in a recent campaign ad.

It seems things are a little different down south.

And by the way, if you’re looking for [...]

Not Moving the Movement.

So just to be clear: the two takeaways from Snob’s post on this Tiger Woods situation are 1) all women have the capacity for craziness and 2) if you cheat, you deserve to be the victim of violence at the hands of your partner?

Update: Snob “explains.”


This post was, [...]

You Are Not the Father! (So What Happens Now?)

The New York Times Magazine has a riveting story by Ruth Padawer about the emotional and legal havoc wrought when men find out they are not the biological fathers of the children they have been raising, which has become a more common occurrence due to the availability of inexpensive DNA testing. [...]

You’ve Lost That Beefing Feeling.

Thoughts On ‘Wonderful World.’

Via Alyssa, who says this is “like a Judd Apatow movie got stuck in a blender with a movie about a couple of Magical Africans.”

I invite you to view the trailer for Wonderful World. (Video is out of sync, but that doesn’t make it worse.)

My thoughts:

1) I really like the woman, [...]

A Time-Lapse of Unemployment in the U.S.

Via Gerry Canavan, we get this depressing animation on rising American joblessness [click the picture]: