Random Midday Hotness: Back Again.

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Like I was saying to my homie blackink12 not long ago, Talib Kweli has really come along way from the days when he would try to cram way too many syllables into a bar. He’s always been nice, but he’s much easier on the ears now as his flow has gotten more economical. At the same time, he’s also actually “saying” a whole lot less; his lyrics are less politically pointed and less earnest. Hmmm.

A possibly piggish aside: Res resides in My Personal Pantheon of Hot, somewhere alongside Susan Cagle and Mya. Gotdamn.



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  • Grump

    I need 5 minutes

  • Cosign on Res

    What happened to her anyway? How I Do was a quality record

  • Listening to “History” on Mos Def’s latest album sorta frustrated me. It’s like, Mos and Talib understand that people are waiting on a followup collaboration but they’re not going to do it because they don’t want the challenge of meeting everyone’s expectations.

    I get the feeling they’ll wait until people stop caring, or they’re in some sort of musical drought.

    Mya, eh? Mmmmm. Yeah. But we already knew this.