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I don’t know what to do with this. At all. Sooooo many questions.


(CNN) — Afraid that her husband will leave her for a younger woman, a 107-year-old Malaysian woman is looking to marry again — for the 23rd time.

Wok Kundor has been happily married for four years to her husband, a man 70 years her junior.

But since he left their village in northern Terengganu state for a drug rehabilitation program in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, Wok has had a gnawing feeling.

“She said that she has been feeling insecure lately and she needs to find out whether he still loves her or not,” said R.S.N. Murali, a reporter for The Star. The English-language Malaysian daily was among several local media outlets reporting on the lifelong romantic.

“She is worried he might not come back after his program and find himself a younger wife,” Murali said.

If so, Wok has her eyes set on a 50-year-old man, but hopes it does not come to that.

UPDATE — it just gets more insane. Kundor (known as “Tok Wook”) is lucky enough to have her assemblyman set up a Facebook page for her, to aid her in her search for lucky number 23.

Kuala Berang representative Zawawi Ismail said he would help create a Facebook account for 107-year-old Tok Wook. The Star carried a report yesterday that Tok Wook was searching for a new love, who would be her 23rd husband.

“She is my constituent, hence it is my responsibility to help her,” he said yesterday. However, Zawawi reminded Tok Wook to adhere to the Islamic tenets if she intended to remarry.

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  • I feel as though I just must comment on this one, but I’m digging way down deep to find what to say. This leaves me utterly speechless. Let’s just suffice it to say, I am glad that she still feels well enough to continue to love at her age.

  • Yep, I can see dude gettin’ clean and runnin’ off with some 80 year old floozy. Tok’s just keepin’ it playa. We all can only hope we’re this vibrant in our later years.

    Oh, and does anyone else see “quirky indepentedent film” written all over this? I bet Diablo Cody’s already deep into the second act of her screenplay tentatively titled “Tok 23.”