If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…


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  • http://filthygrandeur.blogspot.com FilthyGrandeur

    damn…this sucks…

  • http://www.geekaygee.wordpress.com geo

    damn it.

  • lemu

    So, was there no fact checking by the Daily News? Its not that hard to call a school and ask whether someone was ever a student there.

  • http://karaslamb.blogspot.com karas

    here i was proud of someone beating the system that essentially beat them.
    damn gina! oh well. respect to slate.
    hope this gets her back to school to finish for realzies.

  • Grump

    So, can we get another season 5 of “The Wire” tie-in for this?

  • http://www.postbourgie.com shani-o

    Slate is such a buzzkill for this, lol.

  • ladyfresh


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  • http://bitchphd.blogspot.com bitchphd


  • tallulahbankhead

    I would like to know why Roxanne felt the need to lie. Also, what is she doing to support herself if she’s not a therapist?

  • http://filthygrandeur.blogspot.com FilthyGrandeur

    that’s kinda what i was thinking. how did it even become a story if no one did a quick check?

  • quadmoniker

    Yeah, that’s the reporter’s job, and it looks like it didn’t happen. I just like to clarify for those who don’t work in the news business; daily newspapers don’t have fact-checkers back-stopping reporters’ work because they don’t have time. And also, yes it doesn’t usually take that long to find out someone didn’t go to a school. Especially for a non-breaking feature like this one.

  • lemu

    Sounds like the daily news is essentially running a gossip blog.

  • lemu

    Damnit Grump. Now you have me watching old clips of the Wire on Youtube.

    I got work to do!