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E&S is a small, academically selective school in North Philly with a largely black student body, and is one of the school district’s premier magnet programs, along with Central, The Philadelphia High School for Girls and Masterman. When I graduated from E&S, it boasted the highest college acceptance rate in the city — somewhere in Read More

This is spooky. Digging the Nate Silver shout-out at the end.

Like cool visualizations? Like information? (Of course you do, you’re here, aren’t you?) Want to wile away a few hours? A co-worker sent me a link to this chart he saw on The Big Picture. It’s spending in billions (adjusted for today’s dollars) on random stuff color-coded by “spending, earning, giving, fighting, losing, and illin’.” Read More

I’ve been an adjunct professor in the Midwest for three years now. By virtue of location and profession alone, I have enough material to write twenty parts to this Cultural Purgatory series. But let’s take it one culturally dissonant experience at a time. I teach at two schools: one is a large, practically isolated, suburban Read More

Over at The Root, Rebecca Walker interviews Erica Kennedy, the author of the new book Feminista. Walker asks Kennedy to explain what a “feminista” is, to which Kennedy responds: I never felt comfortable calling myself a feminist because that word has so many negative connotations. The stereotype of the hairy, man-hating woman is just that—a Read More

I don’t know what, if anything, can be learned from the fatal beating of 16-year-old Chicago honor student Derrion Albert. I don’t know if there are enough words to appropriately convey the tragedy. And I don’t know if watching the gruesome video footage will help much. But I do know that this is no referendum Read More

Let’s be real about this: there’s no Genius involved in sorting through this list. So it’s all random from this point forward: 1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Joni Mitchell (slb) 2. Soon by My Bloody Valentine (Jamelle) 3. My Love Grows Deeper Every Day by Nelly Furtado (Shani-o) 4. Best for Last by Adele Read More