Guns Don’t Kill People, But Far-Right Extremists Do.

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With rifle-toting protesters showing up at various rallies and town halls around the country, there’s been a lot of worry – mostly on part of liberals – that these demonstrations could erupt into serious violence. I happen to think that there is real cause for worry, especially [...]

Great White … Hopeless

Colin Asher makes a point that I wish I had made first (damn oversleeping):

Republican Representative Lynn Jenkins stepped in it twice over when she said the Grand Old Party was looking for a “Great White Hope” to stop President Obama’s political agenda.

Not only did she put the lie to Republican claims that [...]

Random Mid-Afternoon Hotness: Losing Out.

What 'Good Hair' Hath Wrought.

Slb’s analysis of the natural hair discussion being a “constantly warmed over narrative” might actually be on point. Chris Rock does a movie on black women’s hair, and suddenly we have to read about the politics of it in the New York Times:

Although legions of black women in America straighten their hair (including [...]

Racial Inequality and the Rhetoric of Responsibility.

(by Jeremy R. Levine at Social Science Lite)

Last Spring, Brown University economist Glenn Loury presented at Harvard sociology’s Workshop on Race and Black Youth Culture. He titled his talk “Culture, Causation and Confusion: Why Bill Cosby is Wasting His Time,” engaging with the pervasive “rhetoric of responsibility” frequently applied to blacks in [...]

There is No Binary.

As if we needed another reason to think Kai Wright is pretty much amazing. Wright talks about what Caster Semenya has lost, no matter what the outcome of her sex test is, and why the myth of sex being a binary is so very damaging:

But the reality is that Semenya may be neither [...]

'The Work Goes On, The Cause Endures, The Hope Still Lives, and the Dream Shall Never Die.'

From Michael Kelley’s legendary GQ profile, “Ted Kennedy On the Rocks”:

Even a partial listing of the major bills in whose passage Kennedy has played a part is impressive. Whether you admire them or not, these are the measures that transformed—mostly liberalized—America in our time: the first Immigration Reform Act; the Voting Rights [...]

Bad News Bears.

Charlie Cook, of Cook Political Report fame, is very good at what he does, and when he says that the Democrats are looking at significant losses in next year’s midterm elections, it’s worth paying attention (via the Atlantic’s politics channel):

“….confirm anecdotal evidence, and our own view, that the situation this summer has [...]