• Fanny Wright

    Allow me to play devil’s advocate.

    Some men look very feminine and vise versa… to assume that because of her astonishing time and sudden difference on previous records, she must be a “man”, would be like admitting that a woman just “can’t” achieve the record she has set. I would understand if they thought she was on steroids, but to attack her gender instead, based on her appearance and improvement is just insane/absurd.

    On the other hand, she does resemble to be a man, if the concern was so high in the list of priorities, why wasn’t this gender check requested previously? I wonder, if this would have even been an issue if she did not set such precedence?

    If she is to be found a female, she should sue for defamation of character. If not, perhaps gender checks should now become a part of their new checklist prior to being a part of any competition.