Ey. Stop Playin'.

We have a hit counter, so I can see y’all readin’. And I can see which links y’all are clicking from the blog.

And yet only like 18 people have followed through to our links to vote for us in  the Black Weblog Awards????



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • Nick

    I voted! I clicked via Google Reader, though. Good luck!!!

  • slg

    Dude, I tried twice to vote and kept getting a php error.


  • oops. thanks for the reminder. just submitted my vote!

  • ladyfresh

    i knew something was up they have this whole verify your vote wait for an email thing


    i voted

    and i verified

  • storm

    I did go to vote but once I realized I had to register, I left. Having to register is a real drag.

    Ok…Ok..Ok…I’ll support ya’ll, go back, register and then VOTE.

  • I voted through facebook, can you see that hunh? Hunh? Lol

  • LOL…ditto to Kiana. PT has voted and verified. :)

  • Thanks to both of y’all. 😉

  • lsn

    Voted. Terrible background/font combination, ended up having to search for the blog name because I just couldn’t see it. Ergh.

  • Um, twitter, hello?

  • s. lux

    i love this blog. but i’m a little confused. i could have sworn that i read that you didn’t want to be considered a black blog.

  • it’s not that i don’t want to be considered a black blog, necessarily. i just don’t tend to think of us as a black blog, even though we’re (mostly) black folks here. we obviously talk about race, but i don’t have any real interest in that ‘from a black perspective’ ethos, you know? (what does that even mean?) I tend to think of us as more of a liberal/progressive space with black writers, if that makes sense.

  • I will make you a deal, you guys put The Monkey Steals the Peaches! on your blogroll and I will get all my former students at Mianyang Foreign Languages School to vote for you as well, every week, until the polls close. And I will hire Chinese hackers to flood the Black Weblog Awards as well. I single-handedly got Gilbert Arenas voted into the All-Star Game three years ago, so do not underestimate my power!

    PS I am totally kidding

    PPS I already voted for you (I think)

  • since you mentioned Gilbert: is he done? Deshawn Stevenson was popping some noise about Gilbert making them a championship contender; i think we can safely agree that Deshawn is an idiot.

  • R.

    If it’s any consolation to the fact that I’ve tried three times and gotten that php error slg mentioned above, I don’t think of Postbourgie as a black blog. I def think of it as more of liberal/progressive space.

    I think I’ll try the facebook route now.

  • Patient Zero… I mean, Agent Zero, is most definitely not done. Whether he is back or not remains to be seen. As long as the starting five are healthy the Wiz are a top four team in the West, but that never happens so why even predict it? They are a playoff team with normal Wiz injuries (6th seed or so) and Gibby has it in him to put up 26 and 6 if the stories of his recovery and emphasis on passing are to be believed. He can put up more, but I get the feeling he will have an all-star caliber year this year (maybe third or second team, depending on how the other Gs hold up).

    D-Steazy is an idiot, but he is also… ok, I got nothing. Outside of him calling Lebron overrated and some of his courtside outfits, he has no real saving grace (besides sucking so much we brought in Mike Miller, although that might have just been to shore up the Washington Wizards Requisite White Guy position on the team).

  • Fourth in the east this year? I dunno. Cavs, Celtics, Magic. And I think the Nets will be right there.

    I actually think Mike Miller isn’t a bad pickup. he’d be a good seventh or eighth man on a top flight team.

  • slg

    Yeah, yeah, I finally got through and voted, verified.

    And are you really just going to leave this hanging there?

    >i just don’t tend to think of us as a black blog, even though we’re (mostly) black folks here. >we obviously talk about race, but i don’t have any real interest in that ‘from a black >perspective’ ethos, you know? (what does that even mean?) I tend to think of us as more of a >liberal/progressive space with black writers, if that makes sense.

  • clearly, I’m not. what _does_ it mean?

  • i tend to think of us as a bunch of left-leaning types blogging about stuff of general interest. But most of us are negroes, and so racial themes pop up a lot. i mean, we blog about feminist issues enough; why aren’t we a feminist blog?

    (also, thanks for the vote slg.)

  • thanks.

  • good point

  • slg

    I guess it just sounds off to me, to hear you say it’s not a black blog. If you/we don’t claim black-blog-ness, who will?

    Personally, I’d say this _is_ a black blog, and a feminist blog and a lefty blog, and a bourgie blog…. all of which is a good thing…

    just thinking out loud,

  • okay, we’re DEFINITELY not a ‘bourgie’ blog. i can be persuaded on the other stuff, but i want no parts of that. lol.

    and a lot of people claim black-blog-ness. look at the other blogs that are in our category for the BWAs. i’d say they’re pretty different from us, thematically and tonally.

  • FWIW, I think PB is a pro-sexual equality blog, a progressive blog, a black blog and an anti-racist blog.

    But we’re not bourgie, lol. (Well, I am. But not the rest of ’em.)

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  • thanks, playboy.