The Jokes Write Themselves.


Get your people, Shani:

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the nation’s oldest sorority for collegiate and professional black women, are asking a D.C. court to remove the group’s national leadership and order its president to return funds allegedly paid in contravention of the organization’s bylaws.

The group’s national president, Barbara McKinzie, has come under fire for a long list of alleged financial misdeeds. The most interesting of those allegations: The plaintiffs claim McKinzie used the organization’s money to commission a $900,000 “living legacy wax figure” of herself.

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  • Aisha

    A friend of mine has an AKA doll that stands in the corner or her living room. When her daughter was younger she would stand in the corner next to the AKA doll because she thought that’s what people her size did.

  • shani-o

    I’m not sure there’s anyone for me to ‘get.’ The issue is being handled through proper channels.

  • lemu

    When getting a corporate card goes wrong….

    This has been the talk of every greek listserve I’m on for about a week.

  • NinaG

    It’s unfortunate when I hear stories like this about Divine 9 orgs (or really any org for that matter). I’m glad members are taking her to task on this.

  • the black scientist

    i’m from a family of deltas, so i’ll keep my mouth shut on this one.

  • Grump


  • ladyfresh

    how can something like this happen?

    i’m not a part of any of these organizations. does anyone know the history behind this woman?

    i’m surprised she got as far as she did i would have thought there would have been a pattern of behavior but 20/20 hindsight i guess

  • lemu

    Maybe shes refering to “a long list of alleged financial misdeeds” that have transpired over her 3 year term.

    The most troubling passage in the entire article is this one..

    “Members who have voiced concerns over the alleged financial improprieties have had their membership privileges “withdrawn, suspended and otherwise adversely affected,” according to the complaint.”

  • belleisa

    I don’t believe that people are “pathological embezzlers” and I think you are refering to the comment I made about abusing power being a “universal trait?”

    I wasn’t shocked that this happend, just sad for the bad PR this would cause an organization where many of its members believe in the ideals and pay a lot of money toward memberships.

    There’s a great line in a novel, that I’ll be talking about later, that says the “despised becoming the despicable.” I think people are shocked when someone like the AKA President abuses power. There’s always this notion that “when one of us gets in,” it’ll be different. Whoever the us is, depends on the individual, group, and or cultural identity.

    I believed that to be the reaction ladyfresh had.

  • ladyfresh

    she didn’t abuse it out of nowhere

    she wasn’t this perfect leader and woke up one morning and decided to get a $900,000 wax figure

    ok maybe she did …but there are probably $100,000 mini wax figures laying around

    i keed

    i’m sure she’s been misusing funds over a period of time

  • G.D.

    wow @ this response.

  • G.D.

    People are really protective/defensive about these organizations.

    Do you belong to one?

  • NinaG

    I’m no longer affiliated.

  • lemu

    no longer?

  • belleisa

    How can something like this happen?

    Because there are people in positions of power who abuse them. It’s a universal trait, abuse of power, stealing money, greed.

    There are plenty of AKA’s cringing from this, I’m sure. Nobody wants to know that their leader has let them down…but on a lighter note….doesn’t she look like an older Janet Jackson?

  • G.D.

    pattern of behavior? um, what? it’s not like people are pathological embezzlers. she had a position with a lot of authority, she abused it.

  • G.D.

    ah. she was strong-arming muhfuckahs.

    (that actually makes this funnier.)

  • ladyfresh

    Yep seemed weird to me that she was this ‘great’ leader then suddenly turned around and wanted a $900,000 wax statue of herself.

    I figured she’s probably been doing crazy shit that has led up to this and maybe they will look into how it happened. It’s not just one crazy person in a way. It was few people who turned a blind eye to her nuttiness. Whatever their checks and balance process was it didn’t work enabling this woman to get a $900,000 wax figure.

  • G.D.

    i was replying to ladyfresh.

  • ladyfresh

    more like how did it get this far?

    this sort of behavior doesn’t spring up out of nowhere

    and i’m always surprised that it goes as far as it does

    looking at politicians antic over the past two years alone
    i’m like:

    what makes you think you can just disappear for 5 days and tell folks you went hiking?

    what makes you think you can give tax payer money to you mistress txt and email love messages over taxpayer paid cell phones and isp lines

    what makes you think you can just up and quit your governor job but still move on to be president of the us….

    these folks didn’t just start nutty/illicit behavior it built up and people in their organizations turned a blind eye

  • belleisa

    damn it…well so much for that

  • G.D.

    maybe she tried to stop McKinzie’s rise to power and got squished like a bug?

    I can see it now:

    “i will end you,” she said, narrowing her eyes at NinaG.

    NinaG considered speaking up, but something in McKinzie’s face frightened her.

    “It’s your word against MINE!” McKinzie threw her head back and cackled, like Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

    NinaG turned and fled from the huge, pink room. …

    A week later, a frog arrived on Nina’s doorstep with a scroll in its mouth. Her eyes filled with tears. She knew it was over.

    Thanks for fighting that good fight, sis.

  • G.D.

    lol. no worries, sis.

  • Jennifer

    An older Janet Jackson would be Rebbie, and this broad is nowhere NEAR as fierce as the Centipede.