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  • Grump

    I like the idea of The Obamas throwing a white linen party at the White House

  • no²

  • Shayla_B

    Lest we forget, there could be a BBQ pit, some porch chairs, and a slip n slide on the lawn. Lets be grateful. LOL (But all white? As dapper as that might look for some, he still is the President. Lets stop trying to make him the homie and let him work)

  • e.


  • Temi

    grump if they do that i’m gonna need my vote back…lol

  • Grump

    There is nothing wrong with them having a white linen party just as long as they don’t make it out to be “Step In The Name Of Love” the DC version.

  • I so didn’t get that. I think I’ve blocked the existence of white parties from my mind.

  • White linen parties aside, that is a terrible, terrible painting.

  • LaJane Galt

    White parties should be banned. Ring around the collar, yak stains and Black & Mild cherry burnholes are not change we can believe in.

  • Ok, I’ve never been to an all white party, but I always assumed they were wine and cheese type of deals. I guess I’m wrong(?)