What's Inevitable.

Pam at Pandagon connects the dots:

After a presidential campaign filled with this…
* The parade of racist images continues: Obama ribs ‘n chicken
* California: Sacramento GOP web site calls for the torture of Barack Obama
* Mike Signorile listens to The Hate Out There
* Here we go again: another Palin groupie shouts ‘kill him’ at PA rally
* Own it, bigot
* Missouri: More of the McCain/Palin/GOP Base
* Frank Rich on the fires stoked by McCain/Palin
* The GOP ticket draws, and apparently embraces, the bigot eruption crowd
* More fun in post-racial America
* John McCain forced to denounce racist, homophobic member of Virginia leadership team
* Kentucky, I know you can do better than this
* FL: middle school teacher uses ‘nigger’ to describe Barack Obama
* Palin praised racist writer who called for RFK’s assassination
* Values at the Values Voter Summit – Obama as a Muslim Aunt Jemima
* Westmoreland stands by ‘uppity’ remark about Obama
* White supremacists: Obama’s boosting our movement
* John McLaughlin: Obama fits the ‘Oreo’ stereotype
* Georgia: publication features Obama in crosshairs on cover for article on white supremacist threat
* Bigot eruption: GOP House member refers to Obama as ‘boy’
* South Carolina: black reporter attacked by white family (on camera!)

Why should we be shocked that it leads to this…
* Abortion doctor George Tiller murdered at Kansas church
* Pelosi’s ‘Right America Feeling Wronged’ captures the McCain/Palin mobs
* Fans of Fox’s tin-foil hatter Glenn Beck discuss the Pittsburgh shooter
* Wingnut ‘resistance movement’ calls for million recruits by inauguration day

And of course, this:

WASHINGTON – An 88-year-old gunman with a virulently anti-Semitic past fatally shot a security guard inside the crowded U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday before being shot himself by other officers, authorities said.

Also, now is as good a time as any to discuss increased efforts at gun control. Why not?

UPDATE: Digby has an alternative suggestion to more gun control: “we should have made sure that all the tourists were well armed before they went into the museum.” Ah. Good point.

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  • This is sadly the reality of our country. I wish everyone read all of these articles, for a wake-me-up and for all of those who believe that we live in a “post-racial” society.