I mentioned this to G.D. and on my Facebook status update yesterday: LeBron’s best might be better than MJ’s best. Really.


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  • Ron

    Has anyone done more with less? Tiger Woods-level clutch doesn’t happen in basketball, because it’s a team sport. But this guy? He makes you a believer.

  • I was going to deliver a long treatise breaking down how Lebron has yet to surpass MJ and is not yet a basketball god (and possibly propose marraige to Shani-O).

    Instead I will just say oshrasoeuhiuoahrekjxznhriluahwelirhlawihrekjshnZRLIuahsirehawlire and that outside of game 5 Lebron was great but not transcendant. Go to hell Lebron!

  • young_

    I agree. People forget that Jordan won all his rings with another Top 50 Hall-of-Famer who had the Bulls a few points away from the NBA Finals WITHOUT MJ… I don’t think anyone who’s ever played has had LeBron’s skill set.