Obama: Antichrist And/Or Hitler.

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  1. ladyfresshh says:

    now see i didn’t call bush the antichrist or hitler

    i just said he was evil…
    i’d also like to add i didn’t say he was possessed nor that i would exorcise him
    nor did i call him the devil nor say get thee behind me demon
    because then
    i would sound crazy…


  2. Jason B. says:

    The only way I can cope with these Daily Show interviews is to convince myself that they’re staged. Nobody can be that stupid. Nobody.

  3. Wow. Obviously the cup of ignorance overfloweth for these two preachers.

    And this is only month two of a four-year administration. Dayum.

  4. Scott says:

    Obama isn’t either, he’s just a liberal democrat, I mean “progressive” democrat as they now like to call themselves.

  5. mute says:

    not suprised.

    did no one else grow up in a church that thrived on doomsday prophecy? every
    time some major event happens you can count on the preacher bringing his new theory to the pulpit on how this fits into the foretelling of the end of the world.

    i forget whether the U.S. or the E.U. is supposed to be the new Roman empire that arises before the world ends. if somebody knows, enlighten me…

    John Hagee (though i can’t stomach to watch him for more than 5 minutes) does a masterful job of this.

  6. R. says:

    So wait, does this mean that Hannity is Fox’s newest version of the Daily Show? or is it strictly catered to the woodchips-for-brains demographic?

  7. shani-o says:

    I always thought so too. But when the Hitler pastor said he actually had to think about doing the interview, I realized this show totally preys on crackpots. This interview wasn’t so bad, but some are truly excruciating to watch.

  8. ladyfresshh says:

    centrist sir centrist

  9. Scott says:

    Is that what progressives are calling themselves these days? I can’t keep up with all of the name changes.

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