Your Nappy Ass Roots: Jesse Jackson.

welcome to this year’s first official edition of Your Nappy Ass Roots, a series that will bring you little known black history facts that The Man has tried to suppress in an effort to keep us all complacent, misguided, and misinformed.  i’m all about teachin the babies; please pass these important facts along to any and everybody you know.  this goes for you too, white people.  because its not just black history; it’s OUR history.

first up:  the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

would you, could you, employee? could you back it up on me?

Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. was born in Greenville, South Carolina on October 8, 1941.  Jesse showed an affinity for poetry at a very early age, completely memorizing the works of William Shakespeare by the age of 14.

At the tender age of 18, he became a ghostwriter for the renowned Dr. Seuss, who borrowed from some of Jesse’s own works, including “How the White Man Killed the Ghetto” (Every black in the ghetto could have a fair shot/if the White Man would stop feeding them cocaine and pot),” “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Jew Fish (too offensive to repost here.  sorry.),”  “Black Man’s a Sham (I will not kiss Obama’s butt/I’d rather cut Obama’s nuts!),” and “The Dance of Denial (I would not, could not have a child/outside of wedlock, ’cause that is foul./Okay, I had a little fling/but yall, that baby don’t look like me!).”

He is currently working on a rap album featuring Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Young Somebody entitled “Down with Foes, Up with Hoes” to be released this summer.

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Know Your History.

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