It All Makes Sense Now.

Amnau Eele, credited as the co-founder of the Black Artists Association, has made headlines by criticizing Michelle Obama for not wearing any African-American designers during the inauguration in a report to Women’s Wear Daily. This does not mark the first time Eele, a “divination artist” has made headlines with unusual claims.In 2007, Amnau Eele and her brother Clifton Mallery (a/k/a Enjai Omaa Eele), filed a lawsuit claiming that the idea for the NBC show “Heroes” was in fact stolen from a 777-page handwritten novel they had written along with a short film and series of paintings on the same subject.

Their concept hinged on the idea of twins (they also refer to themselves as “The Twins”) who could paint the future. The lawsuit was dismissed as “absurd” by the judge, who also found that they were liable for NBC’s court fees, which totaled nearly $100,000.

The Eele siblings have also claimed that they predicted the events of September 11, notified the authorities and were ignored. They are reported in the Jewish World Review as “regular and sometimes unsettling sight in front of the Tribeca Film Co. headquarters.”

No records or news stories relating to the Black Artists Association that Eele claims to be the co-founder of could be located.

I sort of wish they had created Heroes, so I would know whose ass to beat for concocting Mohinder.

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  • Grump

    You know how your nose hairs feel singe0like when you smell something unsettling?
    Yeah, this whole story had me feeling like that.

  • ari

    I invented cream cheese. And sunshine. But someone stole my ideas.

  • ladyfresshh

    ari – well i invented the internet, i’m still mad ar gore about that, i bought an apple and everything

  • Yes. Because Mohinder needs his own ass beat.

  • You if those two had any sense, they would have continue to submit designs to the first lady, because Michelle will need multiple outfits for various events, and I know shwe will showcase a black designer that she prefers.

  • Mohinder Suresh is quite possibly the most annoying character on television, seriously.

  • That’s why they didn’t make sense cause they had no sense. I should’ve known.