…I’m not sure there’s much else for me to say about this.

Should I change my mind,  I’ll be back with more.

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  • Bleatmop

    Amazing when you go to the comments on that page and see how many bigots there are out there that support that steaming pile of bunk. Some even justify it by saying that the Republicans ended slavery. Are these people that dense? Do they just not get it, or do they just refuse to get it?

  • even more problematic for me is the idea that the words republican and racist should be synonymous.
    maybe they already were to some extent as it pertains to the chasm between whites and blacks in the U.S.
    but i don’t know for sure and i’m not going to make such sweeping judgment.
    there is racism in so many facets of our lives as americans, that i think it would be somewhat irrelevant.
    i just don’t believe any political party should be preceded by its own bigotry, whether one is otherwise in agreement with the core fundamentals of their policy or not.
    with all of the revelry at the time of obama’s transition to president-elect, and the excitement bearing down as the inauguration approaches, this is vibrant evidence (if anyone could possibly want for more proof) that one symbolic and fundamental change in the behavior of the american populace does not beget a cure for or even a healthy discussion of what is wrong with the deepest foundations of this country; the ongoing need of some people in america to cling to and continue to propagate the nigger. if barack the magic negro is what some republicans need to feel better about the fact that mccain lost the election, i shudder to think of what they’ll require once they realize that that kind of behavior is what threatens to keep their future presidential campaigns from crossing the social and cultural borders that will need to be broken in order for them to reclaim the white house in any respectable fashion as our country moves forward. i just don’t buy the idea that most republican party members want to be represented by this sort of behavior. but when someone like george w. bush can get two terms in office, and songs like this are floated so unapologetically into the arms of the public, i’m not so sure they really care. after all…there’s always spin and scandal to make everyone love the smell of your shit again by election time. if nothing else, that’s the american way.

  • ladyfresshh

    a real black man likes snoop dog…



    yeah i stopped there
    nothing against snoop

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    *applauds karas*

    that about says it.