For those of you who care about such frivolous things.

WWD asks designers what Michelle Obama should wear to the inauguration ball.

Brigitte at Make Fetch Happen rates the sketches and varying incarnations of Michelle and gives a pretty hilarious (and blistering) commentary.  Regarding a rather unfortunate Badgley Mischka creation, she writes:

This Badgley Mishka dress seems like something that the 90s spit out. Their Michelle is all lips and hips with a dash of sass but really, how sassy can you be if you arrive at the Ball wearing a Steve Martin wig?

Check out her post for more.

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  • rakia

    I really like the top sketch except for one thing: Michelle’s skirt. The big ole’ tie at the waist makes it look like an apron. Get rid of the tie and let the skirt flow straight down. (Meesh has the hips to pull this off.) The girls’ dresses are elegant and age appropriate, and I like how the colors are kinda sorta coordinated.

  • ladyfresshh

    the top sketch is definitely headed in a better direction than the bottom

  • ladyfresshh

    ok i went through the slide show the closest would be rachel roy if ont for the simplicity. i’m not sure what the other designers were thinking…

  • The top sketch is the only one in the show that I think doesn’t suck. Also, it has clearly taken note of the fact that Michelle has gorgeous arms.

    The kids’ sketches are appalling. God, kids’ “fashion” is so hideously preppy.

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