Impeach Fred Armisen.


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  • rakia

    This is incredible! Who is this guy?! The only weak spot was the Charles Barkley impression. But still. The whole thing was hilarious. I especially loved the Morgan Freeman bit with the wig and cotton ball facial hair. Too funny!

  • Rakia, this cat is ridiculous, right?! His impressions are pretty awesome and he needs to be hired ASAP by someone. He even makes Barack funny.

  • This cat gets better and better with each video. He’s got him down.

  • Andrea

    It’s unbelievably fantastic. Making Barack funny is a real gift.

  • Omg.
    *here lies universeexpanding*
    I actually laughed so hard I snorted during the DMX impression.

  • Hahaha. Agreed! The DMX impression was spot on. I thought the Charles Barkley one was pretty good too.

  • Ike Moses

    that nigga great.

  • ladyfresshh


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  • I’m made at the dots he put on his face for Morgan Freeman LOL.

    I’ve been watching this dude do the Barack impressions since the debates. We need to make a petition for him to be on SNL.