Vaccinate Your Damn Kids.

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When you have the time, you should listen to last week’s This American Life; it deals with an outbreak of measles among a group of children in San Diego, brought on by parents who refused to vaccinate their children. Here’s a quick summary:

Measles cases are higher in the U.S. [...]

Hip Hop Wargames: Ransom vs. Budden.

Jay’s latest touches on a point made by the Philadelphia City Paper not long ago: in the age of YouTube, what’s (the point of) beef? If Artist X lobbed some volleys via mixtape or YouTube at the target of his ire, by the time he actually dropped an album, any diss track on said [...]


…I’m not sure there’s much else for me to say about this.

Should I change my mind, I’ll be back with more.

We gotta put our heads together and stop the violence.

This depressing graph comes from a Northeastern University report released today, which as the Wall Street Journal explains, shows a marked increase in the number of African-American teens who were the victims of violent crime:

Murders of African-American teenagers have risen 39% since 2000 and 2001, according to a report due out Monday.

Homicides [...]


A Final Word on James Bevel.

Some people want to extend the benefit of the doubt to James Bevel, who died last week of pancreatic cancer. Is that wise, though? None of his accomplishments in the Civil Rights Movement offset the physical and psychic trauma he visited upon his daughters for decades. Indeed, he mocked the idea [...]

The Best Journalism of 2008.

Conor Friedersdorf lists the best news features of 2008, and says that Nick Paumgarten’s “Up and Down” from the New Yorker is the “best article on a topic you don’t need to know anything about.” I couldn’t agree more. The story, about the physics and culture of the elevator, should be dry as hell, [...]

How Did This Happen?