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Tracie at Jezebel wonders if there’s a better word for fiancé.  I never knew how much I hated the word “fiancé” until I got engaged. I kind of cringe when I have to say it to people I don’t really know and lately, I’ve been finding myself saying “my boyfriend,” then quickly, quietly adding “or fiancé, Read More

Salon has a response from Hillary Clinton and Patty Murray to the new Bush rule that states doctors have a right to opt out of procedures (from abortions to prescribing birth control) they object to on religious or moral grounds. Note: They can anyway. In the final days of his administration, the President is again Read More

The top ten most irritating phrases in the English language, according to Oxford: 1 – At the end of the day 2 – Fairly unique 3 – I personally 4 – At this moment in time 5 – With all due respect 6 – Absolutely 7 – It’s a nightmare 8 – Shouldn’t of 9 Read More

Clinton goes to State. I have a million thoughts on this.  What do you think? Ezra:  People have been thinking about this cabinet appointment too much on the level of symbolism. But this is a real job with real responsibilities. And one of those responsibilities is stocking, and managing, the government’s foreign policy apparatus. Which Read More

So it was emotionally manipulative and the last act was pretty schmaltzy (“It was like a movie directed by Denzel Washington,” said a friend), but it worked. And worked pretty well, even though by all rights it shouldn’t have. And for a shameless crowd-pleaser, it went to some pretty dark places. Also? Freida Pinto.

It took us almost a year to get our first 200,000 hits. It’s taken us about a month to get the next 50,000. Thanks, y’all. (But also? Damn.)

Jezebel produces a ‘Sexiest’ list I can actually agree with. I’m down with 7/10 of their choices. And of course, they’ve got Barack* and pocket-sized Rahm Emmanuel, plus some other smart fellas. What say you, ladies and gents? *While I’m not feelin’ Barack the way Brokey McP is (link sorta-NSFW), I can see why others Read More

Via Open Left: Most 2007: Lieberman sucks but at least he votes with us sometimes. Dec., 2007: I can’t believe he’s endorsing McCain. Loser. July, 2008:  If he speaks at the RNC then he’s OUT! Sep.,2008:  Traitor! I can’t stand the sight of his smirky little face. Nov., 2008: He must lose his committee chairmanship. Read More

via our homie black scientist: Negronormative (nē’grō nôr’mə-tĭv)adj. Of, or relating to the view that blackness is a Christian, male, patriarchal, heterosexual entity. Often marginalizes expressions of black identity that do not fit into this mold by perpetuating it as natural and standard. Most commonly used to refer to an individual’s beliefs or actions: The Read More

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