TV, Now Tainting Jury Pools and Jurisprudence

Just in case your suspicion that racism persists in courtrooms and television news was waning, a TV exec in Fresno makes it explicit.

Sitting as a potential juror in Fresno County Superior Court early last week, Hall said he couldn’t be a fair juror in a Hispanic man’s carjacking trial because research by the [...]

In Search of a Saner Commenting Policy.

The blogging platform we use allows remarks from regular commenters to go up without moderation, but newer commenters’ offerings sit in a queue until they’re approved. Discerning between a comment that should be approved and one that shouldn’t is nowhere near as easy as you’d think. We like differing points of view, and we’d [...]

More on Marriage (and Words).

Tracie at Jezebel wonders if there’s a better word for fiancĂ©.

I never knew how much I hated the word “fiancĂ©” until I got engaged. I kind of cringe when I have to say it to people I don’t really know and lately, I’ve been finding myself saying “my boyfriend,” then quickly, quietly adding [...]

Clinton Weighs In

Salon has a response from Hillary Clinton and Patty Murray to the new Bush rule that states doctors have a right to opt out of procedures (from abortions to prescribing birth control) they object to on religious or moral grounds. Note: They can anyway.

In the final days of his administration, the President is again [...]

'Shouldn't Of.' Argh.

The top ten most irritating phrases in the English language, according to Oxford:

1 – At the end of the day

2 – Fairly unique

3 – I personally

4 – At this moment in time

5 – With all due respect

6 – Absolutely

7 – It’s a nightmare

8 – Shouldn’t of

9 [...]

It's a Done Deal.

Clinton goes to State.

I have a million thoughts on this. What do you think?


People have been thinking about this cabinet appointment too much on the level of symbolism. But this is a real job with real responsibilities. And one of those responsibilities is stocking, and managing, the government’s foreign policy apparatus. [...]

Cory Booker Wants to Eat White People.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.749806&w=425&h=350&fv=videoId%3D210833]

Slumdog Millionaire.

So it was emotionally manipulative and the last act was pretty schmaltzy (“It was like a movie directed by Denzel Washington,” said a friend), but it worked. And worked pretty well, even though by all rights it shouldn’t have.

And for a shameless crowd-pleaser, it went to some pretty dark places.

Also? Freida Pinto.