Eagles at Jints.


The Eagles are 5-3 with 8 games to go. This would ordinarily not be a bad place for any team to be, but the Birds have little margin for error: they play in the toughest division in football, and starting with the Giants tonight, have four games against divisional opponents. The rest of that schedule includes games against teams they should beat, but the thing about the Eagles over these last few games is that those games are never shoo-ins (that San Fran game should not have come down to a bunch of turnovers-for-TDs).

The Giants are probably the best team in football — allow me a second that I may spit — and will almost certainly win the division barring some improbable collapse. Every team in this division could win (at least) 10 games, which makes the divisional tie-breakers all the more important.

You have two elite defenses and offenses up against each other (though the Jints are more potent on the ground). I think McNabb and Westbrook are more explosive than Eli and his committee of RBs; let’s hope that’s enough.



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  • scott

    I am only going to be pulling for the Eagles in order to help my ‘Skins.

  • man, last week I had to root for the COWBOYS to beat the Giants. It made me want to set myself on fire.

  • Everytime it’s down-to-the-wire (3rd or 4th down) and short, they call something stupid. Like the same play they did on the last down that didn’t work. They even know that’s their weakness. Yet they continue to do it. And it continues to irk the hell out of me. It’s hard to be an Eagles fan.

  • The Giants practically begged the Eagles to beat them but the Jints had a secret weapon that even McNabb or Westbrook could overcome: Andy Reid’s coaching.