Fall Ramblings.

Kids went back to school a few weeks ago, but fall didn’t start until today. Already stores are filled with fake Jack-O-Lanterns and awful, environmentally unfriendly, disposable Halloween costumes. We’re officially on the inexorable march to the most wonderful time of the year (am I the only person who is always jarred to see Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving?).

The first presidential debate is this Friday. A Times story gives background on the debate over the debates, including some interesting tidbits. Obama wrangled for the foreign policy debate to come first; and the VP debate will have a less free-flowing format, allowing Palin to focus on presenting McCain’s policies, and keeping Biden from getting too “loquacious.” I still wish Gwen Ifill got to moderate the presidential debates, because she’s awesome, and I’d love to see her up close and personal with McCain and Obama if things get heated.

Just 43 days, y’all. Remember when the election was a year-and-a-half away, and we were already exhausted?

So, anyway, how was your summer?

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