Don't Let It Get You Down.

Bob Herbert thinks Democrats should be a little anxious about November:

Not only do the polls show this to be a close race, but the polls, when it comes to Senator Obama, cannot be trusted. It is frequently the case that a statistically significant percentage of white voters will lie to pollsters — [...]

The Best Speech You Didn't See.

John Kerry delivers the speech attacking McCain and the GOP that everyone wanted, but the networks didn’t cover it. And please believe, Kerry got it IN.

[H/T Andrew Sullivan]

Keep Bounce, Keep Bouncing.

photo from New York Magazine

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight offers up a handy guide on how (and when) to read election polls, and what a good post-convention bounce looks like. (Uh, it does not look like this.)


Hillary Clinton at the DNC Round-Up

[Photo courtesy of Barack Obama's Flickr page. No, really.]

Two words: Harriet. Tubman.

Hillary Clinton gave what is, in my estimation, the best speech of her career (text and video).

Ta-Nehisi says it was magnanimous, and that he was sorry when she finished because he wanted to hear more. Ezra calls the speech “effective,” [...]

Funday Tuesday.

Daddy Yankee: Not Feeling Obama.

by Henry Burton

I do not have immediate access to a laptop and I cannot download photos immediately simply because I do not have press credentials and I am involved in real politiking that leaves me no time to take pictures with/of Omarosa, Bun B, Hill Harper, Suzanne [...]

Day 2: Dispatches from Denver.

by Henry Burton.

The ride. Very sparse.

Why you walking so fast, John Lewis?

John Legend does his thing.

Irony, much?

Michelle Obama at the DNC Round-Up.

[Photo by the LAT]

I bought rabbit ears for my cable-less television just so I could watch Michelle’s speech last night, but I fell asleep at 9:30. Before I watched it this morning on teh Youtubes, I checked out what the blogging masses had to say.

Baseball metaphors: Andrew Sullivan thought it was a [...]

Digging in the Crates – 'Ted Kennedy on the Rocks'

We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who got a little emotional watching Ted Kennedy speak at the Democratic National Convention last night. His whiter, whispier hair. The occasional cracks in his voice. Maria Shriver simultaneously clapping and wiping away tears. The profound sadness in Caroline Kennedy’s smile when it cut [...]