'McCain Chose His Campaign Over His Presidency.'

Ezra writes a thoughtful, non-histrionic, non-mocking post about McCain’s choice of Palin:

The choices were all bad. Tim Pawlenty was a lightweight. Joe Lieberman was a liberal. Mitt Romney was a Mormon. Over the past few weeks, it became clear that John McCain couldn’t pick anybody for vice-president. And so he didn’t. Instead, he picked Sarah Palin.

There’s nothing wrong with Sarah Palin. Indeed, she’s a perfectly normal politician. A hardline conservative with a good government streak who’s proven a skillful political comer in a tiny, remote state. It’s just a bit…odd.


This was, for McCain, a major decision. And we can learn from it. And here’s what even his supporters must admit: Country did not come first. Polls did. The calculations are fully transparent. Understanding that he needed to broaden his electoral coalition, he picked a woman. Understanding he needed youth, he picked a young politician. Understanding he needed to emphasize his reformist credentials, he picked a onetime whistleblower. What he didn’t pick was anyone able to help him govern, or capable of stepping forward in a moment of crisis. Palin is not an experienced foreign policy hand like Lieberman or a successful and experienced governor like Tommy Thompson. Today, McCain chose his campaign over his presidency. Over our presidency. Palin seems like a promising young politician, but McCain increasingly seems like a desperate one.

What remains to be seen is whether independent white women will think another white woman on the ticket is enough.

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  • A+ Post…would read again and shake my head in concurance.

  • Good read.

  • scott

    I could responded by saying that Obama only Picked Joe Biden to give him foreign policy cred, which Obama knows he doesn’t have. Not to mention one could say that picking Biden, who is a career politician, makes a mockery of Obama’ slogan “change we can believe in.”