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I don’t pretend to be schooled in African literature, but “Say You’re One of Them,” by Uwem Akpan, a Nigerian-born Jesuit priest who now teaches in Harare, reminds me of the stories I’ve read by other authors from impossibly poor and torn apart places. Like Jhumpa Lahiri or Edwidge Danticant, Akpan doesn’t try to dazzle Read More

I’ve been trying to decide if the speeches at th Democratic National Convention even matter. Sure, the all-star lineup hit it out of the park. They were bad for me, because I kept listening to them at work and tearing up uncontrollably. But does anyone really listen? I’m starting to think they do not. Look Read More

Ezra writes a thoughtful, non-histrionic, non-mocking post about McCain’s choice of Palin: The choices were all bad. Tim Pawlenty was a lightweight. Joe Lieberman was a liberal. Mitt Romney was a Mormon. Over the past few weeks, it became clear that John McCain couldn’t pick anybody for vice-president. And so he didn’t. Instead, he picked Read More

This is a little late, but the BBC is reporting that John McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate: At 44, she is younger than Barack Obama and is credited with reforms during her first term, but she is relatively unknown in US politics. Mr McCain is due to present her Read More

If the reports suggesting Sarah Palin is McCain’s VP pick are true, I don’t ever want to hear about Barack Obama’s “inexperience” again. The rising Republican star was elected governor of Alaska in 2006. She is thirty years younger than McCain, and still supports the party’s bread-and-butter social issues (anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage). Mmm, panderlicious.

Note to the New York Times: Not only would King not have been elected president – sizeable number of Americans saw him as little more than a troublemaker – but King had no interest in elected office.  He saw himself as speaking truth to a fundamentally flawed system; it would have been the height of Read More

This is the “historic” ad featuring John McCain speaking directly to the camera, congratulating Sen. Obama on his nomination. Many thoughts come to mind, the first of which being: “err?” Second thought is: “you’re not slick, John McCain.” With the ad running heavily tonight during DNC coverage, it’s pretty obvious that piggybacking on that exposure Read More

Bob Herbert thinks Democrats should be a little anxious about November: Not only do the polls show this to be a close race, but the polls, when it comes to Senator Obama, cannot be trusted. It is frequently the case that a statistically significant percentage of white voters will lie to pollsters — or decline Read More

John Kerry delivers the speech attacking McCain and the GOP that everyone wanted, but the networks didn’t cover it. And please believe, Kerry got it IN. [H/T Andrew Sullivan]