Vanity Fair Rides for the New Yorker.


We had our own presidential campaign cover in the works, which explored a different facet of the Politics of Fear, but we shelved it when The New Yorker’s became the “It Girl” of the blogosphere. Now, however, in a selfless act of solidarity with our downstairs neighbors here at the Condé Nast building, we’d like to share it with you. Confidentially, of course.

(H/T Maggie)



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • Grump

    I like how they have the Constitution in the flames…

  • Tasha

    is that poop in his pants or are they just baggy?

  • e.

    oh this is so great