Obama is Ready for His Closeup(s).

Last week, a commenter joked that he wished the Obamas were appearing on the covers of magazines with a little more heft than US Weekly. But Barack Obama, it seems, really ain’t trynna be too picky with where his mug is plastered, as the above Gawker composite shows. (Full size here.)

Note how the Time cover on the bottom right and the Esquire one on the fourth row boast the exact same picture. The Tiger Beat one isn’t real, but how we wish it were.



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • Tasha

    You are really getting me to read the entire blog. WHY is it the tigerbeat one was the first i saw and reacted to. My question can they and would he say no to a cover?
    At this point it’s a win all around mainly with regards to magazine sales. Can he be over exposed at this point, frankly i have little interest in a McCain cover.

  • cinemaempress

    The Radar one seems a bit crass. I don’t want to envision my future President naked.Did anyone see that offensive art exhibit titled the Assassination of Barack Obama? They plastered huge black penises on the wall and wrote “Once you go Barack…” Not cool.

  • GVG

    I’m so stealing this. Thanx. LOL

    My friends and I were invited to an Uptown mag party this week. Moments after receiving the invitation with a shot of their new “Obama” cover, the discussion immediately turned into a debate on whether it was appropriate to use such a very bad computer generated caricature of Obama for such a publication. I’m on the side of no.

  • I’m sadden that the Tiger Beat cover is not real. I was going to comment on it. Well I guess I can use this space to say that my favorite cover is from Time Magazine. Third one on the bottom row from the left. I didn’t know he was on so many covers. How many is John McCain on? Just curious.

  • Hello there! {waves}

    My favorite Obama cover so far is the one where he is looking at his watch and the caption is “OBAMA TIME!”

    Love it!

    This composite of these magazine cover is actually a quite interesting visual!

    {thumbs up}